What Causes the Feeling of Ear Pressure?

Do you have persistent ear pressure pain? Or, do you feel that something is putting pressure on your eardrum? Maybe you’re experiencing ear pressure as if you’re diving too deep into a pool or taking off on a flight from Houston.

These symptoms indicate that you could be suffering from ear barotrauma or ear fullness. To ensure that you don’t suffer permanent ear impairment, you need to how to get rid of this unpleasant pressure in your ears.

Another reason why you should get checked by the right doctor is that the pressure sensation you feel in your ears could cause your eardrum to rupture or hearing loss. A general physician may not be able to help your ear problems, where an ENT doctor specializes in these areas. The good news is that if you act quickly, your hearing can be restored. Hearing loss due to barotrauma is a reversible condition.

Here’s an explanation of the causes of barotrauma or ear pressure problems.

What Causes the Feeling of Ear Pressure?

Pressure in your ears can be extremely uncomfortable and even disorienting. You may feel terrible sensations that you want to get rid of immediately. However, once you know what causes this ear discomfort, you’ll be able to seek help promptly. Here are some common causes of ear pressure:

  • It’s by design: Your Eustachian tube is the part of your inner ear that senses atmospheric pressure changes and maintains pressure balance. So, the pressure and pain you feel are caused when there’s a large difference between the pressure in the atmosphere and the pressure within your ear. That’s why the pain you feel is called ear barotrauma. The ear provides a natural barometer that tells your brain there’s a change in environmental pressure.
  • Moving up in the air: When you change altitude, your ear will register the change in atmospheric pressure. You’ll notice this when you’re flying in a plane that’s either ascending or descending. That’s why airplane passengers often experience ear pressure after a flight in Houston.
  • Diving into the water: It’s easy for your body to maintain a pressure balance when you’re walking on land. But when you dive into the water, the ear experiences a rise in environmental pressure caused by the surrounding water. So, you could feel a certain amount of discomfort in your ear.
  • Having a cold or flu: If you have the flu or a cold or your nose is congested, you could feel unpleasant ear pressure. This is because the tubes and canals in the ear are also linked to your nose and throat. So, if you have stuffy sinuses, it can cause ear pressure and your ears could also feel blocked.
  • Deep-seated earwax: Some earwax that has found its way deep into your ears may need to be carefully removed by an ENT specialist. You may also have an infection in different parts of your ear.
  • Middle ear infections: Inflammation of your middle ear may occur due to a collection of excess fluid. You could also experience muscle strain in your middle ear due to continuous loud sounds or a cyst that has formed as a result of ear infections.

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