Septoplasty in Houston

Deviated septum surgery, also called septoplasty, is a procedure designed to straighten the cartilage of the septum and reduce blockage. The septum is the partition made of bone and cartilage that separates the inner part of the nose into two chambers.

The septum can deviate from birth or become crooked due to an injury. This deviation can lead to sinus infection, headaches, nosebleeds and obstructed breathing. You may have a deviated septum if you experience noisy breathing during the day and snoring at night.

If you live in the Houston area, consult Dr. Nguyen for a thorough diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Nguyen is an ear, nose and throat as well as a deviated septum surgeryspecialist. He provides deviated septum repair for residents of Houston, Cypress and Jersey Village at Houston Sinus & Allergy.

Deviated Septum Surgery for Houston Residents

Each septoplasty procedure starts with a consultation with Dr. Nguyen. He will carefully read through your medical records and previous surgeries, and note any supplements or medications you take.

Next, he will review your goals for the procedure and the type of anesthesia you prefer. You should talk about any discomfort or allergies you may have. After creating a custom treatment plan for your condition, Dr. Nguyen will explain what to expect from the beginning to the end of the procedure.

A septoplasty procedure may be performed with local or general anesthesia in our office. It takes about two hours to complete. Dr. Nguyen may decide to perform an open septoplasty, with an incision at the lower part of the nostrils, or a closed procedure that keeps all incisions within the nostrils.

After making an incision, the mucous membrane that covers the septum partition is lifted to expose the cartilage and bone, which can be reshaped or removed. As soon as the breathing pathways are adequately cleared, the mucous membrane is sutured with splints and packing is added.

How Do I Know if I Need Septoplasty?

You may need to book an appointment with Dr. Nguyen for a deviated septum surgery if you experience any of the following conditions in a chronic manner:

  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Facial pain and headaches caused by frequent sinus infections
  • Significant difficulty breathing on one or both sides
  • Difficulty sleeping because of poor breathing
  • Blockages of the nostrils inhibiting breathing through the nose
  • Persistent stuffy nose
  • Excessive snoring

During your visit, Dr. Nguyen will perform a thorough diagnosis and create a treatment plan that restores your nose shape and normal breathing. In most cases, medication such as topical antihistamines or topical steroid sprays will only provide temporary symptomatic relief. Additionally, antibiotics may treat sinus infections temporarily, but septoplasty is a simple procedure which has proven to effectively remedy the uncomfortable symptoms for those with a deviated septum.

How Can Septoplasty Treat Nasal Blockage?

Your nasal septum is the wall of thin bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils. A deviated nasal septum is a condition in which this wall is offset or crooked, and can cause significant discomfort to those affected with it. Patients with a deviated septum may experience significant breathing difficulties, snoring, and even sleep apnea.

Septoplasty, also called septal reconstruction surgery or submucous resection of the septum, repairs the crooked septum that blocks the airways in your nose. The surgery may also be done in order to allow access into the nose to remove nasal polyps, as an adjunct procedure to cure chronic sinusitis.

What You Can Expect With Septoplasty

As the procedure involves small incisions, most patients require general anesthesia before the procedure, making the entire procedure painless.

During the procedure the mucus membrane that covers your septum will be lifted up, and Dr. Nguyen will expertly remove any cartilage or bone that is a cause for complications. When this is completed, the mucus membrane is inserted back into place and may be held together by stitches.

The entire procedure will take between 60 to 90 minutes, after which you may stay in a quiet recovery room until you awake from anesthesia.

Is Septoplasty the Right Choice for You?

Septoplasty is a relatively safe procedure, requiring small incisions with surgical tools, with no major organs or blood vessels in the general vicinity of the surgery. After septoplasty and recovery from your surgery, you can expect a significant increase in your quality of life, including easy breathing, relief of sleep apnea and snoring, and a discontinuation of chronic sinusitis and its painful symptoms.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms frequently, it is likely that you have a deviated septum, but this may not be the case, as other causes may be attributed to sinus problems. If you’ve tried traditional medications such as topical sprays and antibiotics but are experiencing continued symptoms, take our “Chronic and Recurrent Sinusitis Quiz” and find out if septoplasty is right for you.

Recovery From Septoplasty

Septoplasty or turbinate reduction surgery patients may return home on the same day as the surgery. Patients do not need to return to the office to have the surgical sutures removed. The sutures can dissolve without any human interaction. The packing will be taken off in 24 hours and the splints can stay in place for several weeks after the surgery.

Some swelling and nasal drainage will typically occur. Patients can reduce this by resting their head on a pillow in an elevated position while sleeping. Vigorous nose blowing, physical exercise and strenuous labor should be avoided for two weeks.

Since this procedure is usually performed inside the nostrils, there will likely not be any scars on the surface of the nose. As healing continues, deviated septum patients will discover that their breathing has improved.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Septoplasty?

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if septoplasty is right for you, and get the relief you need. So book an assessment or contact us, and treat your recurring symptoms today!

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