Immunology:  An Effective Treatment for Allergies

Are you currently suffering from allergic reactions? Immunology (or Allergy Shots) may be for you.

Allergy shots can be used to control symptoms triggered by:

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Indoor allergens

Benefits of Immunotherapy

Allergy shots have been proven to be an effective treatment, especially if you are experiencing one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. It’s impossible to avoid the things that cause your allergic reactions, and allergy medications don’t control your symptoms well
  2. Allergy medications cause bothersome side effects or interactions with other medications you need to take
  3. You want to reduce your long-term use of allergy medication

Dr. Nguyen’s 10+ years of experience inform his recommendations for which allergies may require medication and when other methods may better suit a patient. Immunotherapy requires an understanding that only comes with years of devoted practice and study.

What to Expect With Immunology

Each allergy shot contains a trace amount of the allergen or allergens that trigger an allergic reaction in an individual. These shots contain just enough allergens to stimulate a patient’s immune system, but not enough to cause a full-blown reaction. Over time, the doctor increases the dose of allergens in each allergy shot, strengthening the body’s immune system in the process.

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) – An Alternative to Allergy Shots

Sublingual immunotherapy works similar to allergy shots, but unlike injections, sublingual immunotherapy is given as drops under the tongue. Patients take the drops in the convenience of their own homes instead of going to the doctor’s office every week for shots.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Relief?

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if immunology is right for you, and get the relief you need.  Simply book an Assessment or contact us, and treat your allergies today!

Allergy Drops in Houston

Allergy drops are vaccines that help you build up your natural resistance to prevent seasonal or chronic allergies. This type of allergy treatment is effective for dealing with allergies caused by pollen grains, mites, mold, mildew and animal dander. The procedure is a form of sublingual immunotherapy administered by Houston Sinus & Allergy to improve your immune system’s ability to overcome the effect of allergens over time.

Here’s a brief explanation of how allergy drops work. We’ll also offer some insight on allergy drops vs allergy shots and why we prefer to give clients sublingual allergy drops in Houston.

Do Allergy Shots/Drops Really Work?

Allergy drops work by boosting the immune system’s ability to respond to allergens. The drops are called sublingual immunotherapy because they’re placed under the tongue. They contain a very small number of allergens, and they expose the body to these allergens so it can gradually build up its natural response and immunity.

With the close supervision of Dr. Nguyen, a compassionate and caring ENT expert, we’ll help your body develop an immunity to allergens. Through repeated exposure to small but increasing amounts of allergens, your immune system becomes less sensitive and more tolerant of each allergen. Gradually, you’ll have milder symptoms when you’re exposed to large amounts of the allergen being treated. This method is safer and more convenient than other traditional types of allergy resistance because it treats the main cause of the allergen and not just its symptoms.

Allergy drops will work for any candidate who has allergies, but they’re particularly ideal for anyone who can’t stand steroid shots for allergies. Allergy drops are a great choice for those who don’t like the sight of needles and don’t want to continue receiving allergy shots in Houston.

Do Allergy Shots/Drops Have Side Effects?

Allergy drops are more tolerable for patients than allergy shots. Allergy shots can cause a little swelling or redness at the injection site. This may happen shortly after receiving the injection or some hours later. This mild reaction isn’t harmful and will disappear after 24 hours. On the other hand, the side effects of allergy drops include mild swelling or itching in the mouth and throat irritation. These symptoms usually clear up within 24 hours.

Allergy Drops Benefits

Allergy drops may be taken in tablet or liquid form. When you come to Houston Sinus & Allergy for allergy drops, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fewer side effects than allergy shots
  • A long-lasting effect that can span three years or more
  • Only one visit for diagnosis
  • Freedom to continue treatment at home

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