If you’re suffering from sinus infections that need surgery, then your ENT surgeon could ask you to do a CT scan. The sinus CT scans in Houston can help you diagnose sinusitis, which is the inflammation (swelling) of the sinus tissues. It can also help your surgeon deliver better treatment.

Normally, a CT scan doesn’t last for more than five minutes, but it provides details that reveal which tissues are actually causing the infection while enabling the doctor to remove them efficiently.

What Is a CT Scan of Sinuses in Houston?

A computed tomography (CT) scan of sinuses works with x-ray technology and computer software to create clear pictures of the sinuses. A sinus CT scan enables doctors to assess the source of injury, infection or abnormal functioning of the sinus.

Why Do You Need a CT Scan for Sinuses in Houston?

Dr. Nguyen uses CT scan technology to ascertain the reasons for the symptoms you’re experiencing. As an ENT specialist, he knows your ear, nose and throat are all linked together. So, when there are signs of a disease or infection in one of these organs, it will affect the others.

That’s why CT scans are so important ⁠— they reveal the real underlying cause of the symptoms. They’re also vital just before surgery so the doctor can know whether your pre-surgery medication has dealt with the infection or if your condition is stable or more severe.

What Are the Benefits of an In-office CT Scan Machine for Patients in Houston?

The in-office CT scan machine makes it easy for patients in Houston to get imaging studies completed in an office without going through the hassles of visiting a hospital. They offer the following benefits:

  • Same day diagnosis
  • Less time needed for the test
  • Testing setup is open and patient-friendly
  • Low exposure to radiation
  • Images are more detailed than traditional x-ray films
  • Results can be sent to the patient digitally via email

What Happens Before, During and After a CT Scan for Sinuses?

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect before, during and after your CT scan.

1. Before the Procedure

Leave all jewelry including earrings, hairpins and necklaces at home. Leave your implants, false teeth and dentures at home, too.

Dr. Nguyen will get details about your medical history before the scan begins. He’ll also explain the procedure to you and answer your questions as he positions you on the table.

2. During the Procedure

Sometimes, the surgeon will inject a contrast dye, which may give you a warm sensation or leave a peculiar taste in the mouth. If you have any sneezing or nasal congestion, tell Dr. Nguyen right away.

Since he is one of the few ENT specialists that use an in-office CT scan procedure in Houston, the procedure may be carried out in a sitting position without the need to lie down. The scanner will take images from the front and back of your head.

3. After the Procedure

If you had a contrast dye injection, you should drink at least six glasses of water to flush it out after the procedure. Dr. Nguyen will read and analyze the results within minutes, and you can also receive digital copies of your scans. After discussing the implications of the results with you, he’ll recommend the best type of treatment.

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