About Our Office

Here at Houston Sinus Allergy we are a specialized medical facility dedicated to diagnosing and treating sinus-related conditions and allergies. We provides expert care for individuals suffering from sinus infections, allergic reactions, and related issues. With skilled medical professionals, advanced diagnostics, and tailored treatment plans, these offices offer relief and improved quality of life for patients dealing with sinus and allergy challenges.

Our Location

Our practice is conveniently located at 27230 US-290 #300, Cypress, TX 77433 to serve the Houston Metro Area, Cypress and Jersey Village areas.

Comprehensive Treatments for ENT and Allergies

Houston Sinus & Allergy is proud to offer progressive, comprehensive treatment and procedures for ear-, nose-, throat- and allergy-related symptoms such as:

ENT Procedures We Offer

We make it our goal to offer the most natural treatment options possible, but we also offer in-house minor surgeries and procedures to permanently correct and relieve your symptoms. Our most popular treatment options include:

  • Sinus surgery to widen the sinus passageways and provide relief, better drainage and improved breathing
  • Post nasal drip procedures to stop leakage to your throat
  • Nasal obstruction procedures to remove growths or blockages
  • Allergy relief procedures
  • Ear infection treatments
  • In-office CT scans to diagnose conditions
  • And more

What Makes Our Office Special?

With our Triple Board Certified ENT specialist, Dr. Nguyen and full range of comprehensive services we offer for every step of each treatment process.

Here at Houston Sinus & Allergy, we’ll make it our mission to bring you relief — whether you’re struggling with allergies or suffering from a painful sinus condition.

With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, dedicated staff, a certified doctor and the most progressive treatments, we can diagnose and treat your conditions with a personalized and caring approach. After we perform tests and imaging to diagnose your condition, we’ll pursue the best method of treatment for you. We offer many in-office procedures.

Houston Sinus & Allergy is here to offer the relief you need — and change the way you live.


For your convenience, we have made requesting an appointment a simple process via our website. If, for any reason, you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or will be delayed, please call as soon as possible. Charges may be incurred for appointments canceled less than 24 hours before scheduled appointment time.

See Relief With Houston Sinus & Allergy

Ear, nose and throat conditions can disrupt your entire life. Severe pain or an inability to breathe properly can interfere with your physical health, eating and exercise habits, sleep quality, mood, and relationships. Fortunately, with comprehensive treatment from Houston Sinus & Allergy, all that will change.

We do more than alleviate discomfort — our treatment options will help you breathe and live freely again. Choose a better quality of life today by clicking the button below!