RhinAer® Procedure for Chronic Rhinitis

Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis?

      • Persistently runny nose
      • Post-nasal drip
      • Nasal congestion
      • Itching and sneezing

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If you often find yourself sniffling and with an itchy, runny nose, even though you don’t have allergies, you may be suffering from chronic rhinitis. While this condition isn’t dangerous, it can be deeply unpleasant. This condition can leave you fatigued, can cause poor sleep and can simply be annoying.

If you live in Houston and suffer from chronic rhinitis, Dr. CT Nguyen is here to help. As a Certified ENT surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. CT Nguyen has helped hundreds of patients to find relief. Thanks to his focus on nonsurgical options for sinus and nasal conditions — including the noninvasive RhinAer® procedure — you can breathe easier with less disruption to your life.

What Is Nonallergic Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is a nasal condition that has symptoms similar to those of hay fever, but it is not caused by allergies. In most patients, it comes and goes throughout the year.

Symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis symptoms include:

  • Long-term stuffy and runny nose.
  • Sneezing.
  • Itchy and irritated nose.
  • Postnasal drip, or phlegm in the throat.

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What Causes Nonallergic Chronic Rhinitis?

More research is needed to determine what causes this condition. Some medical researchers believe chronic rhinitis happens when the body sends incorrect signals to the nose or when the blood vessels are overly sensitive.

Nonallergic Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

If you have chronic rhinitis, a treatment option commonly prescribed is to use over-the-counter medications to control flare-ups. Unfortunately, this method of treatment does not tackle the root problem — and many nasal sprays have unpleasant side effects. In some cases, nasal sprays and strips may not even work.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Chronic Rhinitis

The RhinAer® procedure is a treatment that addresses the root cause of chronic rhinitis and lets you breathe easier. This procedure uses radiofrequency technology to focus on the posterior nasal nerve, which has the glands that produce mucus. This nerve can trigger your chronic rhinitis symptoms. Radiofrequency technology allows your ENT specialist to change the function of this nerve, effectively eliminating symptoms for many patients.

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Benefits of RhinAer®

RhinAer® is not a chronic rhinitis surgery, but an inpatient treatment offering several benefits:

  • You enjoy long-term relief of nasal congestion, sniffles and other symptoms.
  • You can complete the treatment in one session in your ENT’s office, with no hospital admission needed.
  • You enjoy quick relief from symptoms. Many patients start noticing improvement the same day.
  • During the procedure, there’s no incision — which means there’s no scarring and minimal discomfort.
  • Most patients report improved quality of life after the procedure.
  • You can resume your normal activities the same day.
  • You can reduce your reliance on nasal sprays and other temporary solutions.

Talk to a doctor today to find out whether the RhinAer® procedure could be a good option for you.

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