Are Allergies Causing Your Eyes, Nose, Ears or Throat to Feel Itchy?

If you experience symptoms from allergies, then you may be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of itchy eyes, ears, throat or nose.  The itch itself can be rather distracting and unpleasant, but the rubbing and other methods to help relieve the sensation will often make matters worse.

Itchiness occurs when your body’s immune system is reacting to an allergen, like pollen or dust.  The nerves become irritated, and the sensation is difficult to ignore.

Treatments for Itchy Nose, Eyes, Ears or Throat in Houston

There isn’t a cure for allergies, but there are effective approaches to reducing the symptoms.  While it may not be possible to remove the allergens from your environment, there are medications that can help flush them out of your system, or sooth the itchy feeling.

Allergy shots are a more comprehensive treatment that may provide more effective relief.  To find out immunology is right for you, or what kind of treatments are available for your specific needs, get in touch with Dr. Nguyen, a Board Certified ear nose and throat physician. So book an Assesstment or contact our clinic, and get relief today!