Are You Experiencing Ear Pain or Muffled Hearing?

If you’re experiencing pain in your ears, you may not automatically think of an ear infection. After all, this condition is far more common in children. Such a mistaken belief causes many adults to ignore their ear pain and other annoying or distressing symptoms that could indicate an infection behind the eardrum. While it’s not as common in adults, grown-ups are still susceptible to ear infections.

If you begin experiencing signs that point to a middle ear infection, don’t wait. An adult ear infection can point to a more serious health concern than in a child. Residents living in Houston, Cypress and Jersey Village can book their assessment at Houston Sinus & Allergy to meet with our experienced and compassionate ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Nguyen. He can determine if a middle ear infection is responsible for your aggravating symptoms.

What Is a Middle Ear Infection?

Middle ear infections are one of the most common sources of earaches. Also called otitis media, this type of infection is caused by bacteria or virus in your middle ear. Most of the time, ear infections are a result of another illness, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Another respiratory problem

When you develop one of these conditions, it will cause swelling in your nasal passages, throat and eustachian tubes. These tubes are responsible for regulating air pressure inside your ear, and they connect to the back of your throat and nose. Infection can irritate your eustachian tubes, causing them to swell. Swollen tubes can prevent fluid from draining from your ear. As fluid builds up inside your middle ear, it causes increased pain and pressure against your eardrum.

What Are the Symptoms of a Middle Ear Infection?

While ear pain in one or both ears is the most common symptom of a middle ear infection, a few other signs can indicate this condition, including:

  • Drainage from the ear
  • Muffled hearing or difficulty understanding words or sounds
  • Sore throat
  • Fever

In rare cases, some people even have impaired balance or facial paralysis.

Is it Dangerous to Leave an Ear Infection Untreated?

The simple answer is yes. Middle ear infection in adults sometimes points to a more serious health problem. In addition, it can cause long-term problems if not treated, such as:

  • Tearing of the eardrum
  • Impaired hearing or permanent hearing loss
  • Spread of infection to other tissues in the head
  • Nerve paralysis

Adult Ear Infection Treatments for Houston, Cypress and Jersey Village Residents

Depending on the severity of your ear infection, there are a few different forms of treatment available. For most adult patients, middle ear infections can be effectively treated with antibiotic medication. However, a procedure like ear tubes may be necessary if your condition is more advanced.

At Houston Sinus & Allergy, our experienced ENT specialist, Dr. Nguyen, offers a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating middle ear infections in adults. Whenever possible, he provides natural and healthy solutions for ear pain.

If you’ve been struggling with an earache or you’re showing the signs of a middle ear infection, don’t wait. We invite you to book an assessment with our ENT doctor so that you can get the relief you need. You can also contact us with any questions you may have. Our compassionate team is here for you.

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  1. Jai Johnson

    Having headaches on right side temple and by ear it comes and go

  2. Jai Johnson

    Having headaches on right side temple and by ear it comes and go

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