Objects Get Stuck in the Nose/Ear/Throat, So What Next?

Foreign objects in the nasal passage, ear ducts and the throat are a common occurrence and such incidents find their way into emergency rooms more often than one may think. Although more commonly encountered by infants and children,  foreign object removal has been experienced by many adults as well.

Among children, those aged 2-5 years have the highest occurrence of  such incidences. Most infants develop their pincer dexterity at 9 months, which increases the probability of insertion considerably.

The most common locations for objects to be lodged are the anterior to the middle turbinate or below the inferior turbinate. Unilateral foreign bodies affect the right side twice as often as the left.

The most common foreign bodies include:

  • Food
  • Plastic toys
  • Small household items
  • And others

Treating Objects Stuck in the Nose/Ear/Throat in Houston

Most ear and nose foreign bodies can be removed by a skilled physician in the office with minimal risk of complications. Common removal methods include:

  • Use of forceps
  • Water irrigation
  • Suction catheter

In many cases involving the throat, minor surgery may be required as the object may be lodged past a place of reach by conventional instruments.

If you have an issue with an object stuck in the nose/ear/throat, learn more about your treatment options and which may be right for your.  Our experienced ENT doctor at Houston Sinus & Allergy specializes in sinus, ear and throat treatment, and can provide you with the help you need, so book an assessment today.

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