How Foreign Object Removal Can Fix Nasal Obstructions

Are you experiencing difficulty breathing due to a foreign object lodged in your nasal cavity?  Has a foreign object become stuck in your ear?  If so, you’ll need the foreign object removed.

Foreign objects in the nasal passage (or Nasal Foreign Bodies (NFBs)) are a common occurrence and such incidents find their way into emergency rooms more often than one may think. Although more commonly encountered by infants and children, NFBs have been experienced by many adults.

Among children, those aged 2-5 years have the highest occurrence of NFBs. Most infants develop their pincer dexterity at 9 months, which increases the probability of NFB insertion considerably.

The Benefits of Foreign Object Removal

Those who have suffered from NFBs are familiar with the level of discomfort they can present.  Through foreign object removal, patients can feel relief immediately and, in many cases, the procedure is fast and requires virtually no recovery time.

What to Expect with Foreign Object Removal

Most ear and nose foreign bodies can be removed by a skilled physician in the office with minimal risk of complications. Common removal methods include:

  • Use of forceps
  • Water irrigation
  • Suction catheter

In more extreme cases, surgery may be required as the object may be lodged past a place of reach by conventional instruments.

If Left Untreated

As benign as an NFB may seem to be, it presents the potential for morbidity, and even mortality, if the object is lodged into an airway. Therefore, ignoring the problem or leaving it up to chance is not an option. Such an issue needs to be addressed immediately and by a professional.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Relief?

If you have a foreign object lodged in your nose or ear, and you live in the Houston area, make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if foreign object removal is right for you, and get the relief you need. Book an appointment online or call our Houston clinic and rid yourself of the foreign object today!

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