Nosebleed Cauterization:  An Effective Treatment for Chronic Nosebleeds

If you are suffering from chronic nose bleeds, you can rest assured that a solution is available. Nasal cauterization is a common treatment where a caustic agent such as silver nitrate (chemical cautery), or an electrically charged wire such as platinum (electrocautery) is used to stop bleeding in the nasal mucous membrane.

Dr. Nguyen is a Board Certified Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon with extensive training. His 10+ years of specialized practice has made him an expert in his field as well as the ideal doctor to seek once considering nosebleed cauterization surgery in Houston.

Benefits of Nosebleed Cauterization Surgery

Those who have suffered from chronic nose bleeds can certainly attest to its debilitating nature. Through nosebleed cauterization, patients can feel relief that the issue of their persistent bleeding has been addressed once and for all, allowing them to live a productive life free of the uncertainty and unpredictability of nose bleeds.

What to Expect with Nosebleed Cauterization Surgery

Cauterization is a procedure used to force the blood to clot or coagulate at the site of the bleeding. Cautery may be done with silver nitrate or with an electrocautery instrument. Electocautery is usually reserved for more severe bleeding and posterior nosebleeds. Cauterization usually takes only a few minutes and is performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Relief?

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if nosebleed cauterization surgery is right for you, and get the relief you need. So book an assessment, or call our Houston clinic, and treat your nose bleeds today!

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  1. Brandy Clark

    My son is in wrestling and was just told he can’t come back to wrestling practice until he gets his nose cauterized. He’s been having around 4 nose bleeds a day while wrestling. Please advise

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