Why Choose Us

Our patients choose Houston Sinus and Allergy because we are able to diagnose and treat what others are not capable of. We have multiple treatment options available, and we leverage medical advances that other ENTs don’t.

Over and over we hear that patients are frustrated by ENTs that tell them they have to just take antibiotics, there are no treatment options or that the ENT is not up to date with new technology. They think that all ENTs are the same and have given up hope on getting expert sinus treatment.

Houston Sinus and Allergy’s sole purpose is to treat conditions with a laser focused intent to find solutions for you that others are not able to. Not all ENTs are the same!

Advanced Medical Technology

Houston Sinus and Allergy leverages new and effective medical technology to maximize your outcome!


The Fiagon Navigation System

We are 1 of 5 doctors in the US who have a FIAGON in our office! This is essentially a GPS navigation system for us to map out a patient’s sinuses for precision treatment on the areas that need to be treated.

The Fiagon Navigation System uses an electromagnetic tracking system to locate surgical instruments during a surgery in relation to a patient’s CT scan. The use of surgical navigation tools allows surgeons to significantly reduce the risk to patients on each intervention as well as shorten surgery time by reducing the number of instrument changes.

Xoran MiniCat Imaging System

Houston Sinus and Allergy utilizes a Xoran MiniCat imaging system as a newer non-surgical technology with many benefits:

  • Shortened time for diagnosis
  • 90% less radiation than conventional CT’s
  • Visualization of the disease
  • Provides faster and better treatment options
  • Comfortable, patient friendly design
  • Gives you peace of mind

Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency

Balloon Sinuplasty™ Technology provides surgeons with an endoscopic, catheter-based system to open blocked sinuses for patients suffering from sinusitis. This helps to advance treatments for sinus disease.

Stents are delivered directly to the frontal or ethmoid sinuses. Reservoirs with hundreds of precision-formed micropores enable targeted, local bathing of paranasal sinus cells.

Dr. Nguyen is recognized as a national leader in office Balloon Sinus Dilation / Balloon Sinuplasty procedures. This procedure performed in the office reopens the sinus pathways and restores drainage to deliver relief to sinusitis sufferers. He has been appointed as a national instructor for in office Balloon Sinus Dilation because of his expertise.

His practice, Houston Sinus and Allergy, has also been designated a Center of Excellence for its facilities and patient comfort. Surgeons travel from all over the United States to observe Dr. Nguyen perform Balloon Sinus Dilation and learn his techniques. He has performed more than 800 Balloon Sinus Dilation case on patients who have travelled as far as Europe, Africa and Asia to be his patient.

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