Can eating apple or celery cause Allergies? (Oral Allergy Syndrome)

What is Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS)?

If you experience the ill effects of a fever brought about by pollen, your mouth or throat might become bothersome consequently eating an apple or celery. This occurs in up to 50 to 75 percent of grown-ups. The response happens on the grounds that the proteins found in certain fruits and vegetables are basically the same as those found in pollen. These proteins can cause a hypersensitive response or aggravate existing conditions, which cause itchy or scratchy issues in in the mouth or throat. This is called Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS).

OAS is an allergy that causes the immune system to confuse the proteins in these foods with various tree and grass pollens. While the direct cause of the allergic reaction is the eating of these types of foods, it is the immune system mistaking proteins for pollen that causes an allergic reaction.

Common Causes of Oral Allergy Syndrome?

OAS symptoms usually fairly mild, but there exists the possibility of anaphylaxis does exist. These allergies can have effects on your health and it is important to know the triggers to pay attention to. If you are allergic to tree or grass pollens, then you could possibly be susceptible to OAS. The list of foods containing these type of proteins is substantial, but individuals won’t experience allergic reactions from each one.

Peaches, celery, tomatoes, cantaloupe, apples and oranges are some of the foods that causes OAS. People that have issues with ragweed could also have allergies when eating foods such as banana, cucumber and zucchini. 

It is important to note cooking the foods that cause OAS may help reduce an allergic reaction. The other thing to remember is that the proteins causing OAS that are found in these foods are usually in the skin of the foods. Peeling and discarding the skins would be a good idea if you find you are allergic.

How Do I Know if I Have Oral Allergy Syndrome?

If you want a more definitive outlook on OAS, you can have your doctor conduct allergy testing to diagnose the symptoms. This process may involve a skin prick, blood or oral test.

Getting Effective Treatment (OAS)

Some studies have shown that treatment with allergy shots can improve the symptoms of OAS.

You should talk to your physician if:

  • Systems are causing significant throat discomfort
  • Symptoms are getting progressively worse
  • Symptoms are caused by cooked fruits and vegetables
  • Symptoms are caused by nuts
  • Reactions after eating raw fruits or vegetables such as hives, vomiting or difficulty breathing