How Much Does Sleep Apnea Surgery Cost?

sleep apnea

Is your snoring problem so bad that even after a full night’s sleep, you still feel exhausted? You might be a candidate for sleep apnea surgery. Sleep apnea surgery, known in the medical community as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, removes tissue in the throat. Read on to learn about the costs of this surgery.

The Cost of Sleep Apnea Surgery

The cost of this surgery depends on what your insurance will cover. And this depends on your insurance company as well as whether the doctor can convince the insurer that this surgery will effectively treat your sleep apnea.

If your insurance company covers it, you will have to pay a co-pay for the specialist as well as that of the hospital. What if your insurance company doesn’t cover it, or you don’t have insurance? The surgery can cost you anywhere between $3,500 and up to $10,000. This depends on where you get the surgery done and how much the hospital or clinic charges.

How Can You Reduce the Cost?

If you’re not insured, ask the hospital or clinic whether it has a payment plan. This option will allow you to pay off the surgery over time as opposed to in one lump sum, which might be difficult for some people. Be aware that there may be financing charges and interest associated with a payment plan.

Surgery is used as a last resort – doctors perform surgery only when other methods aren’t working. There are steps patients can take to improve their condition and perhaps prevent the need for surgery. Obesity puts you at risk for sleep apnea. Losing weight can reduce your chances of developing sleep apnea, and it might make the condition less severe. Even being overweight by as little as 20 lbs. can affect your risk for sleep apnea. Exercise and healthy eating might be very helpful in achieving weight loss goals as well as allowing you to sleep better. Discuss ways to avoid surgical procedures with your doctor.

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