Are you currently suffering from a runny or stuffy nose, a cough, a persistent headache, bad breath or thick yellow mucus coming out of your nose or throat? These signs indicate that you aren’t simply battling a common cold⁠ — you need to be examined to determine if you have a sinus infection. The good news is that you can have all the necessary tests and diagnosis done in our office without you having to visit the hospital.

Yes, you can get treatment right where we work! Dr. CT Nguyen, an ENT specialist with more than 20+ years of experience, can treat you. Recovery time is short ⁠— most patients report that they are able to return normal activities within 1-2 days.

1. Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is a procedure that opens the sinuses pathways and clears any blockages. The sinuses are cavities located in your skull around your eyes and nose. They release mucus that keeps the nasal passages moist and protects you from harmful pollutants, infection and dirt.

Dr. Nguyen and his team offer in-house sinus surgery in Houston for busy people who have recurrent sinus infections that have defied other forms of treatment. Endoscopic sinus surgery is the most popular type of sinus surgery. It’s performed with a tool known as an endoscope, which is inserted into the nose to reach the sinus openings. Dr. Nguyen uses the most modern type of endoscopic surgery called image-guided surgery, which is done with the aid of infrared signals and CT scans.

2. Balloon Sinuplasty

In-office balloon sinuplasty is a procedure used by Houston Sinus & Allergy to treat blocked or inflamed sinuses. This procedure neither involves cutting nor tissue or bone loss, and it offers a quick recovery time. That’s why it’s fast becoming a popular treatment option for dealing with chronic sinus infections. The procedure works by introducing a small balloon that helps increase the nasal sinuses’ openings so they can be drained and cleared.

3. Turbinate Reduction

On each side of your nose, there are three organs called turbinates. Their function is to clean the air and make it moist as it moves from your nose to your lungs. If these turbinates are enlarged, they could obstruct the flow of air and make breathing difficult.

The goal of turbinate reduction is to reduce the size of the turbinates and improve their natural function. In-office turbinate reduction performed by Houston Sinus and Allergy is an effective treatment that can be done with local anesthesia.

4. Allergy Testing

If you have seasonal or chronic allergies, such as a persistent runny nose, blocked nose or watery eyes, it’s possible to have in-office allergy testing in Houston within five minutes. Most insurance plans cover this procedure, and our team can conduct it right at our office. We conduct the testing is conducted using a modern allergy kit that can detect hundreds of allergies. After obtaining the test results, oral allergy drops may be used without the need for shots.

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