How to Relieve Sinus Pressure While Pregnant

It can be debilitating pain—that pressure in the sinuses that makes your eyes, cheeks and forehead hurt and be sensitive to even a light touch. It has us reaching for pain relievers. But if you’re pregnant, you need to be careful about medication. So how can you relieve that pressure and start feeling better? Here are some tips about how to relieve sinus pressure during your pregnancy.

Drink Plenty of Water

When your body gets dehydrated, the fluid in your system thickens, including the fluid in your sinuses. When the mucus thickens it can become blocked, which increases the feelings of pressure and pain. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps to keep mucus thin and flowing.

Another added benefit of drinking plenty of water is that water will help flush toxins from the body. Broths, decaf tea and juices can be mixed in with glasses of water if you need variety and will accomplish the same benefits.

Humidify the Air

Humid air can also help alleviate pain in the sinuses. The moisture in the air can prevent the sinus tissue from becoming dry and irritated. Besides the body, it is necessary to keep the air moist as well. Running a humidifier in your home—particularly one in your bedroom at night—may have a positive effect on your sinus pressure.

It may also be helpful to fill a bowl with boiling water, add some soothing lavender oil and breathe in the steam. The steam can act as a decongestant while keeping your nasal passages moist, while the lavender will feel like a homemade spa treatment. The steam from a hot shower may have the same effect, although it is important to not let the water get too hot to prevent harm to the fetus.


Sitting with a warm, damp cloth placed over the cheeks and forehead for up to ten minutes might provide some relief. The warm compress can ease any congestion, while also allowing you to lay your head back and relax for a bit.

Facial Massage

Massaging the sinus cavities to relieve pressure may also help any blocked fluid to drain. With a firm hand, rub your fingers across the forehead, up and down the nose and beneath the eyes. Consider asking someone else to administer the massage to you can feel a deeper sense of relaxation.

Over-the-Counter Medication

If the sinus pressure seems too much to bear, there are some over-the-counter medications that can be taken during pregnancy. For example, Tylenol is considered safe to ingest while pregnant because it does not cross through the placenta. Before taking any medication during your pregnancy, however, it is always best to consult with your doctor.

You may notice during your pregnancy that you seem more susceptible to sinus pressure and even infections. One of the reasons for this situation could be the result of the increased level of blood in your system and the hormones associated with pregnancy are causing your nasal passages to swell. When the sinus tissues swells, it can create issues with the fluid becoming blocked and, in some cases, infected. If you are experiencing chronic sinus pressure and can’t find relief, seek professional medical assistance.

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